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Home Decor


Our staff in this department can help you through the maze of what is available and suitable for your decorating needs.


We have a handpicked in stock range of wall coverings not usually found in most stores.


 If it’s something unusual and special you are looking for – then look no further than our very own shop floor.


These include the following suppliers;




Graham & Brown

AS Creation




Fine Décor




A variety of Paint in matt, gloss, silk vinyl and satin from Crown, Dulux and Berger is available.


Historic Colour Collection from Crown paints, throughout history, the development of colour for decoration has depended not only upon prevailing taste, but also on the pigments available. That’s why certain colours and colour schemes seem to suit certain building types and even particular locations. The availability of synthetic pigments in recent years has made virtually any colour available to the decorator, but historically authentic colours remain as appropriate as today as they always have, because they owe something to nature and to the environment.


Crowns Trade Historic Colour Collection draws from architectural styles and movements from the late 18th century to the mid 20th century. Each colour palette is distinct in style and colour and reflects the architecture and design trends of the period. This beautiful collection offers a broad choice of colours still relevant for use in today’s buildings.


Most Historic Colours are available in a wide range of Crown Trade products, including Clean Extreme High Performance Emulsions, Matt Vinyl, Silk Vinyl, Mid Sheen, Satin Finish, Eggshell, Acrylic Eggshell and Full Gloss.



We stock many specialists’ paints for furniture;


Rustins Chalk paint

Plastikote – spray paint

Humbrol – enamel paint

Ronseal - Garden Furniture & Fencing

Cuprinol – Garden Furniture & Fencing

Sandtex – Masonry Paint

Rust-oleum - Chalk furniture paint


Polyfilla, Pride and Solvite, Just a few names supplying us with paste, paint brushes, rollers, trays, sandpaper and all home décor sundries.

Graham & Brown


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